Let the little children come unto us.



14 But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 19:14)

Children have the amazing gift of innocent wonder. It is a gift that we, as adults, try to grasp again through the eyes of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We borrow their vision temporarily before returning to the view of the world through our own eyes that are less innocent, less awestruck. Yet, if we could capture that wonderment and hold onto it through every age of our lives, we could daily see how God wants us to behold the world He made– just for you and me.

How our children see God’s world:

W= WOW!               Everything is awesome: A bullfrog croaking.

O= Observant.        Down to every detail: “What’s that? How? Why?”

N= New.                 Treasures!  A dandelion puff. Blow! Catch the wind.

D= Delight!             Chasing a rabbit. Running hard with little legs.

E= Excitement!       “Look!” Pointing. “Look!” A bird flies overhead.

R= Reverence.       Falling leaves. Trying to put them back up, each one.

M= Marvel!             Running barefoot in warm sand. Splashing into a wave.

E= Ever.                 Always ready. “Let’s go!” Tugging mom’s hand.

N= Novice.             First-time look, touch, smell, sound, taste of creation.

T= Take in.            The world and all of nature, overwhelming wonder.

Let the little children come unto us.
If we could only see what you behold,
Our eyes would not seem so very old.
Unfold the world, refresh our view;
Help us become God’s children anew.

(Sharon G. Tate blog 05/31/15)  teacherforjesus.com    Meditations on God’s Word

2 thoughts on “Let the little children come unto us.

  1. This is such a beautiful writing and so full of truth, Sharon! Maybe because I have been seeing the world through our g-grandchildren’s eyes lately. Thank you so much for this one. Lora lee


  2. Sharon, Lora Lee called my attention to this posting and I’m thankful. As Lora Lee said, we’ve been blessed by having our Great Grandchildren spend much time with us wherein I’m seeing happenings that you so aptly described. Children often assign different meanings to words than intended as in the case when our granddaughter’s 6-year old son Colton asked if GREAT grandmothers were called GREAT because they are so NICE? I’ll bet Lora Lee’s heart is still filled with joy when she remembers him thinking of GREAT Grandmothers in this light.


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