Sisters in Christ: The Relationship that Never Ends



Servants of Christ

Involved in the work of the Lord

Sensitive to others’ needs

Teachers of the Word

Encouraging in times of difficulty and struggle

Respectful of different life experiences, talents, ideas

Sharing seasons of life and change together

We have a special gift from God in our sisters in the Lord. Our relationship with sisters should not be a one-hour-a-week Sunday acquaintance. Through our faith in Jesus Christ, we have an everlasting relationship with each other. We must build and nurture our relationship with each other in this world to impact the lives around us—and beyond us.

The power of Christ within gives us the means to change our society. In God’s plan of life, we have been given the ability to bear children, nurture them, teach and raise them to be followers and servants of the Lord. We have a lasting effect on the future. The responsibility is great– and has been given to us.

As teachers to our own children and those children around us—at church, in our children’s classrooms, in our neighborhoods—we can make the Word of God known. When we are sensitive and encouraging to others and respectful of differing life experiences and backgrounds, we are teachers of the Word by our example. Sensitive respect and encouraging attitudes can open doors with others who are not yet our sisters—but could become members of this beautiful body of women.

As sisters in Christ, are we not also serving each other through involvement in our lives, needs, struggles, tears, and joys? Can we not learn from each other, teach by our example, respect our differences, and encourage and support our individual talents and skills. We become stronger Christian women when we are growing, learning, praying, and sharing together.

Special relationships with women of faith who have been through the same seasons of this life—young motherhood, the teen years, changes in mid-life, aging parents, grandchildren, and more—are blessings from God. Sisters in the Lord, who will continue even to the last breath with us, are unwrapped gifts of love from above.

Sisters in Christ, have we developed and strengthened our relationships with each other in this life? Have we joined together, united in purpose and deed for Him? What would our “Sisters’ Page” on a church website show to those women who are looking for answers, seeking God, and desiring relationships with sisters who love the Lord? Would they see us actively engaged in working for God, praying together, meeting in fellowship with laughter and with tears, joining hands and hearts in a common love for the Lord? Would our page be updated– regularly?

“Sisters” –-a plural word, more than one, a body of many.

Have we been the force for God that He intended us to be–TOGETHER?

(Sharon G. Tate blog 08/22/15) Meditations on God’s Word

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