In Awe of our Awesome God!

Awesome wonders mountains


Many, LORD my God, are the wonders You have done, the things You planned for us. None can compare with You; were I to speak and tell of Your deeds, they would be too many to declare. (Psalm 40:5)


WONDER: “To be filled with admiration, amazement, or awe; marvel” 1

My three-year-old grandson was tugging on my son’s hand, trying to make him move more quickly around the pond walkway. Suddenly, he stopped, pointed, and loudly exclaimed, “Magic! Magic, Daddy!” We all stopped to look.

Sparkling lights were dancing atop the water from the sun’s reflection and the combined motion of the water with the wind.  Indeed, it did look magical. But the real wonder was not created by sleight of hand through any magic but by God, Who spoke the elements into existence, thus forming the possibility of this scenario of light, water, and wind to create a moment of beauty witnessed first by the innocence of a child. It was the child, imbued with innate wonder, who made the adults stop– and notice the dance.

Tugging the child’s hand, we moved ahead on the walkway, soon reaching the other side of the pond. But the little boy kept looking back at the water, whispering “Magic.” He was still amazed, awed. Did we, too, see with the eyes of the child, with the eyes of children of God—and marvel?

The wonders God has done just for us in this world demand our gratitude, our amazement, and our awe:

14 “Listen to this, Job; stop and consider God’s wonders. 

15 Do you know how God controls the clouds and makes his lightning flash? 

16 Do you know how the clouds hang poised, those wonders of Him who has perfect knowledge?  (Job 37:14-16)


19 He made the moon to mark the seasons, and the sun knows when to go down. 

20 You bring darkness, it becomes night, and all the beasts of the forest prowl. 

21 The lions roar for their prey and seek their food from God. 

22 The sun rises, and they steal away; they return and lie down in their dens. 

23 Then people go out to their work, to their labor until evening. 

24 How many are your works, LORD! In wisdom You made them all; the earth is full of Your creatures. (Psalm 104:19-24)


31 May the glory of the LORD endure forever; may the LORD rejoice in His works— 

32 He Who looks at the earth, and it trembles, Who touches the mountains, and they smoke. 

33 I will sing to the LORD all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. 

34 May my meditation be pleasing to Him, as I rejoice in the LORD. (Psalm 104:31-34)

May our meditation be pleasing to Him, Who created wonders just for us to enjoy. Let us rejoice always in the Lord and be amazed by His sparkles of Light, reflected in all creation. May our eyes behold in awe, as our lips whisper, “GOD.”


(Sharon G. Tate blog 04/08/18) Meditations on God’s Word


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